‘Is this a decision between politics or safety?’ — LAUSD weighs changes to its daily weapons searches

In its quest to decide what to do about daily weapons searches, LA Unified is preparing an expansive survey for the entire school community for December to explore whether changes are needed to one of the most rigorous search mandates of any school district in the country.

After an information session last week, acting Superintendent Vivian Ekchian said staff will immediately begin working on the survey.

“I want to ask more than who is in this room,” Ekchian said at the overflow meeting that lasted five hours. “We can explore alternatives when we have a survey that goes to all students, all parents, and the community at large.”

Students, parents, teachers, and administrators are divided over the mandatory daily searches. The school board is also divided.

Two of the seven school board members have had students shot right next to them and said they don’t want to roll back the searches. George McKenna had a student die in his arms at Washington Prep in 1980, which was documented in a TV movie. During last week’s meeting, Richard Vladovic discussed a 1986 shooting at Locke High School.

“It was during a random search and the student reached in and pulled out a .45 and we wrestled a few minutes, I’ll never forget that,” Vladovic said. “Parents all want random searches and I represent them. We may find other junk, but it’s a deterrent.” Click here to read more: http://laschoolreport.com/is-this-a-decision-between-politics-or-safety-lausd-weighs-changes-to-its-daily-weapons-searches/