LA district schools lost 13,100 students this year — here’s what they plan to do about it

When board members heard Tuesday that the number of students who have left LA Unified schools was even worse than they’d been told, they wanted to know what was being done.

Here’s what they heard:
• launching the unified enrollment system
• offering a broader range of school options
• reducing absences.

And here is what board members have proposed:
• increase achievement at district schools
• redouble student recovery efforts
• ensure that students in pre-kindergarten classes remain in district schools.

“It’s disheartening,” Chief Financial Officer Scott Price said, who reported Tuesday to the board on the data from “norm day,” the snapshot of district attendance that gives the official student count. “It’s like losing a small school district every year.”

He said the school district is down 450 students more than his office reported last week.

The final norm day for the district on Oct. 9 showed a 2.55 percent decline from last year, worse than both the 2.1 percent drop that had been projected for the year and the 2.51 percent drop that was reported in September.

In total, there are 13,093 fewer students than last year, Price said. Click here to read more: