LA Unified board averts showdown with charter school operators

The Los Angeles Unified board of education resolved a major dispute Tuesday by approving the renewal of 15 charter schools and the launch of three new charter schools after reaching a compromise on regulatory changes the schools’ operators had been seeking.

School district staff had recommended that the schools — operated by five charter school organizations — be denied the right to operate because they had refused to comply with all district regulations and policies, including a rule requiring them to agree to all “applicable” operating rules, a clause the school operators considered vague and far-reaching. The district agreed to drop that clause.

The charters also sought changes in the dispute resolution process, an end to the ban on multi-year leases for school space, and changes in investigative procedures. The charters proposed those changes in their applications for renewing agreements for existing schools or adding new ones. While the charters are nonprofit organizations, they are authorized by L.A. Unified and must renew their charter agreements every five years. There are 224 independent charter schools in the L.A. Unified system, more than any district in the nation.  Click here to read more: