Los Angeles Unified Superintendent Michelle King has been out of the office for nearly a month, and another district administrator has told parents and students that she is now running the school district.

Associated Superintendent Vivian Ekchian contacted LAUSD families Monday evening via the district’s oft-used robo-call system to say she will be managing the district as acting superintendent while King, 56, is out due to illness and subsequent surgery.

The nature of King’s medical issues was not stated in the robo call, but the Los Angeles Times reported that she was apparently suffering from severe leg pain after sustaining an injury on vacation and had begun using a cane to walk prior to the beginning of her absence.

King last attended an LAUSD board meeting on Sept. 12, and has been out of the office since Sept. 15, the district told the LA Times.

“Unexpectedly, my doctor informed me that I am not yet released to return to work, due to my continued need to recover from my medical procedure,” King wrote to her senior staff. “The doctor will reassess my progress at the end of this month.”

King, an LAUSD employee for three decades, became superintendent in January 2016.

City News Service contributed to this report. DAILY NEWS,