Melvoin Pushes LAUSD Smartphone App For Parents

LAUSD Board Vice President Nick Melvoin (BD4) plans to introduce a resolution at the board meeting Tuesday directing the district to create a new app to better help parents access information about LAUSD and communicate their needs to the district.

Co-sponsored by Board President Monica Garcia (BD2) and Board member Richard Vladovic (BD7), the Transforming Engagement via Communication Hubs, or TECH app resolution, will be voted on at the regular board meeting in November.

“One of the things I talked about explicitly on the campaign was a better way of communicating with our stakeholders, everything from emergency communications to two-way communications,” Melvoin told Speak UP. “It’s basically the one-stop for parents and stakeholders to be able to see what’s happening at LA Unified, how to navigate their school, how to get in touch with key people, how to give feedback. I imagine a survey piece of this. And also for the district to move beyond paper bulletins and Robocalls to do push notifications and update information in real time.”

The district just spent $250,000 on a paper survey about the school calendar, Melvoin said, a decision that predated his time on the board. While the LAUSD website, paper and Robocalls are valid forms of communication, Melvoin points out that each of those methods has its limitations, and smartphones are increasingly the best way to communicate with parents.

“There’s an equity component,” Melvoin said. “This is something I gleaned from my time teaching in Watts. Most people and families have smartphones and they don’t necessarily have computers, Internet and landlines. It’s a more equitable way to distribute information.”  Click here to read more: