Tempers flare at LAUSD school board — ‘I feel disenfranchised,’ one board member says

It was college appreciation day Tuesday at the LA Unified school board, so all the board members wore their school shirts. But they may as well have worn their football jerseys because it erupted into a verbal brawl.

In a few seemingly innocuous votes involving committee meetings, two board members not part of the new pro-reform majority let loose their frustrations.

“I don’t feel like it’s worth coming to the meetings anymore, it’s like talking to the air,” said longtime board member Richard Vladovic before the final votes were cast. “We are being railroaded. It’s uncomfortable coming to the meetings because my votes don’t count. You got four votes on everything, and I just don’t agree.”

The disagreements prolonged the meeting by more than an hour and centered on who would represent the district on a state board and whether committees should give way to shorter-term ad hoc groups. But at their heart they were about the 4-3 split and the voice of the minority members on the seven-member board.

The longest exchanges were between Vladovic and Mónica García, who took over as board president after Ref Rodriguez relinquished the post last month because he is facing felony campaign violations. Vladovic ran unsuccessfully against García for the post, and both have served as president before. Since last spring’s election of two pro-reform board members, Vladovic and board members George McKenna and Scott Schmerelson are for the first time in the minority.

“I’m just concerned where the district is going,” McKenna said. “Working together takes leadership, and that does not mean dictatorship.” Click here to read more: http://laschoolreport.com/tempers-flare-at-lausd-school-board-i-feel-disenfranchised-one-board-member-says/