The 10 violent incidents at LAUSD schools that prompted stricter metal detector monitoring

It took a series of violent crimes on and near school campuses to spur LA Unified’s strict policy requiring every secondary school conduct random daily metal detector searches.

Daily searches have been required for more than six years, but the policy is now being reevaluated as the district called this year for principals to step up the searches.

Before the early 1990s, most crimes involving LA Unified students happened just off campus, such as the 1980 shooting just across the street from Washington High School where a student died in the arms of George McKenna, who is now on the school board. The killing was featured in a TV movie about McKenna starring Denzel Washington.

Off-campus violence just outside LA Unified schools killed five students and wounded 11 between 1991 and 1992. They included a cheerleader killed by gang crossfire just off Paramount High’s campus, three teens injured near Venice High when gang fighting erupted, and a student wounded by gunfire while waiting for a bus outside Westchester High.

School officials at the time had been considering metal detectors at school entrances and random searches but had not instituted them, as they debated how to do it equitably and district-wide.

Then came the first on-campus fatality, at Fairfax High.

Here are the 10 violent incidents that led to the current school policy, as cited by the LA Unified School Police Department last week in a presentation to the school board during a meeting to discuss the daily search requirements. Click here to read more: