A man was caught with an arsenal of weapons outside an L.A. middle school. Parents want to know why it was kept secret

By any measure, what happened outside Reed Middle School one day last month was scary: A man with an arsenal of weapons was found hanging out on the edge of campus — the same man who just the week before had tried to lure schoolgirls to his truck.

School police thwarted any possible bad outcome, and the man is now headed to prison. But for some parents at the Studio City campus, relief mixed with anger — because the Los Angeles Unified School District waited more than two weeks to acknowledge what had happened.

“We receive robocalls from LAUSD and Reed when someone even sneezes but aren’t made aware of this until weeks after his arrest,” said Michelle Vick, whose daughter is in eighth grade. “Beyond maddening!”

In a statement, the district indirectly acknowledged the frustration, noting that the administrative office in that area is “reviewing its protocols for parent notifications.” Click here to read more: http://www.latimes.com/local/education/la-me-edu-conviction-armed-man-outside-school-20181106-story.html