Antonucci: The inevitable Los Angeles teachers strike — does Chicago hold the key to a solution?

Leaders of United Teachers Los Angeles continued their preparations for a strike by approving the transfer of up to $3 million from the union’s strike fund to its general fund in order to be ready for immediate use.

The first mediation session is scheduled for Sept. 27, with neither the Los Angeles Unified School District nor the union expressing optimism about prospects for success.

There have been no new proposals reported since UTLA submitted a 69-page “last, best and final” offer on July 24.

This leaves most of us wondering what it will take to settle the dispute. Naturally, we are all focused on the disparity in wage proposals, with the district offering a 2 percent increase and a 2 percent one-time payment, and the union demanding a 6.5 percent increase retroactive to July 1, 2016.

But the union’s public relations campaign refers only obliquely to the specific salary offers, centering instead on portraying LAUSD as being “led by pro-privatization ideologues” who believe in “corporate greed … even if it means destroying public education.” UTLA president Alex Caputo-Pearl has said that “the war over public schools is a class war.”  Click here to read more: