Commentary: Honor yesterday’s Roosevelt High School heroes by giving today’s students the modern high school they deserve

Students from Roosevelt High School in Boyle Heights recently took to the streets to demand action on gun control and to challenge the criminalization of youth of color. They want to study at school free from the threats of gun violence and want positive school climates that uplift them.

A march led by Roosevelt High students is not unusual. The school has a rich history of activism. On March 6, they commemorated the 50th anniversary of the 1968 Walkouts, which marked an important moment in the history of Chicanos in Los Angeles.

The fighting spirit of Roosevelt is a source of community pride. It is as if the past, present, and future live in these students. Not the concrete buildings, nor the stairs and hallways, but in the young people themselves as they fill the classrooms and take to the streets. The spirit lives in the young people inside those facilities, who come to school to learn and grow.

This seems obvious, but their right to a long-overdue quality school facility is being challenged and hangs on a crucial vote Tuesday by the LA Unified school board. Students and parents are the most important voice in this debate over the school’s future, and we hope the board listens to their input when making the final decision tomorrow. We urge LAUSD to move forward with modernization plans for the campus without further delay. Click here to read more: