English learners in California remain at the bottom of state test scores with only a hint of progress — and it’s even worse in Los Angeles View this story in Spa

For California parents watching how well their public schools are doing at educating their children, the fall release of state test scores has brought only slim encouragement. Elementary school students, particularly in third and fourth grade, moved ahead, while 11th-graders lost ground.

But the grimmest news was, once again, reserved for parents whose children are still learning English — particularly for those in LA Unified schools.

English learners, who represent nearly a quarter of LA Unified’s half a million students, showed no growth at all in reading over last year, and their math scores inched up by only a minuscule 0.04 percentage point, according to state results on the CAASPP tests released last week. Statewide, they gained less than 1 percentage point over last year.

English learners’ test scores in California and LA have barely budged since the new tests were introduced four years ago, even though the state has funneled more funds to school districts with high numbers of English learners and other disadvantaged students. And English learners’ performance remains at the bottom of all subgroups of students, lower than for all ethnic groups and for all students receiving special education and those in poverty. Click here to read more: http://laschoolreport.com/english-learners-in-california-remain-at-the-bottom-of-state-test-scores-with-only-a-hint-of-progress-and-its-even-worse-in-los-angeles/