Here’s the problem with L.A. Unified’s latest pie-in-the-sky ideas — they’re likely to fail

The last couple of times the Los Angeles Unified School District has had one of its 100% ideas — that every single student would get an iPad, for instance, or that every high school student would have to take the full suite of college-prep courses and get at least a C in all of them in order to graduate — it failed spectacularly.

The iPad program ran into one completely foreseeable problem after another until it imploded. As for the college-requirements mandate, the school board was forced to lower the requirement from a C grade to a D when it realized that only half of its students were on track to graduate. And even then, the district had to soften its standards and introduce easier online makeup courses to avoid a non-graduation catastrophe.

Now, a new resolution by school board President Monica Garcia goes back to that troubled kind of thinking by listing a long set of blue-sky goals to be achieved within five years.

Garcia’s resolution, which will be introduced at Tuesday’s board meeting, calls for many 100-percents. Among them are: a commitment that all third-graders will meet the standards on the state’s annual standardized tests; that all eighth-graders will earn at least a C grade in English and math; and that all high school graduates will meet that abandoned requirement of getting a C or better in all the courses required for entry to the University of California and California State University. Click here to read more: