It gets worse for LAUSD: This week both the county and the state showed up to say, ‘Get your fiscal house in order or else we’re taking over’

LA Unified board members were jolted last month when a top county official showed up unannounced to say, You’re spending more money than you make and the savings you’ve been living off of are about to run out.

It got worse this Tuesday, when she came back and brought a top state official with the same message.

“Yes, my presence is indicative that this is serious,” said Nick Schweizer, deputy superintendent of public instruction for the California Department of Education, who joined Candi Clark, chief financial officer of the Los Angeles County Office of Education, at Tuesday’s board meeting. The two warned LA school board members that time was running out for them to get their house in order — or they will lose control over it and the state will eventually take over.

First step to avoiding a takeover: Cut what you spend

LA Unified has to act now, and it has three choices, the officials said: Make more money, cut what you spend, or do both.

One choice LA Unified has not made is to cut jobs. “It is our choice not to reduce our workforce in the current year,” school board President Mónica García said. Click here to read more: