LAUSD students: Meet your new school board representative, and he’s going to make sure you register to vote

As LA Unified board members thanked Benjamin Holtzman for his service this school year as Student Board Member, Holtzman introduced his replacement: Tyler Okeke.

Here are a few things to know about Tyler, who starts his new post in August.

High school: Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy, which at Tuesday’s board meeting was renamed after one of the seven board members, to Dr. Richard A. Vladovic Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy.

Interests and clubs: Tyler is a rising senior, a debater on the Los Angeles Metropolitan Debate League, president of his school’s Black Student Union, a member of the Los Angeles Mayor’s Youth Council, and founder of the Harbor Political Action Committee.

Statement: “ecstatic to serve my fellow students as a magnifier of their concerns, goal to preregister/register all LAUSD students of age to vote.”

Aspirations: “to attend Harvard University or other Ivy League school to study political science and government with a minor in international relations.” Click here to read m