LAUSD will strengthen school safety plans, joins calls for stricter gun control laws

Inspired by students’ activism and echoing their demands, the nation’s second-largest school district committed Tuesday to do “everything in its power” to ensure students’ safety.

After hearing from a procession of students, LA Unified’s school board unanimously passed a resolution calling for stricter gun laws and stronger school safety policies.

Tuesday’s vote came one day before LA students will join thousands nationwide for school walkouts in the wake of last month’s Florida school shooting.

“Our actions will speak volumes tomorrow,” said student board member Benjamin Holtzman before joining all seven members of the board in approving the resolution. “We will create a total wave of activism across the nation if we commit to hosting daily activities in the honor of the lost lives due to gun violence.”

“We want security, but also serenity for our kids,” said board Vice President Nick Melvoin, who authored the resolution, “Safeguarding Our Schools: Demanding Common Sense Gun Laws and Best Practices to Protect our Students and Staff.”

The resolution calls for the creation within 180 days of a Safe Schools Task Force comprised of students, parents, teachers, school administrators, law enforcement agencies, and community organizations who will meet quarterly and make recommendations on how to improve the effectiveness of district-wide security policies.

It also calls on the federal government to “immediately pass common sense gun reform legislation, including banning assault weapons and large capacity magazines, universal background checks, and licensing and training gun owners, increasing funding for student mental health services to identify and rehabilitate at-risk youth as well as increasing funding for school emergency preparedness.” Click here to read more: