The Los Angeles Unified School District is looking for a bailout from taxpayers.

On June 19, the school board discussed a proposal from board member George McKenna to ask voters approve a parcel tax “of sufficient size to eliminate the projected 2020 deficit, or approximately $150 million per year” as early as this November.

There was relatively little pushback from other board members, with most of the concern being over whether the parcel tax would be viable this year and the negative hit the district’s reputation would take if voters rejected it.

There’s good reason for that concern. The district has already commissioned polling on a potential parcel tax, with such a proposal not seen as viable this year, but potentially viable in 2020.

Further, in 2010, voters wisely defeated Measure E, a $100 parcel tax which would have raised about $100 million a year for four years. And in 2012, the district pulled back another attempt at a parcel tax.

While the school board punted on the issue to further discussion on July 10, the fact is it is far too premature for the district to come to taxpayers begging for more money. Click here to read more: