UTLA wanted immigrant parents’ support for a teachers strike. Instead, parents wanted to know, ‘How would this strike guarantee a high-quality education for our children?’

What will we do with our kids if the teachers go out on strike?

To find answers to that question, about two dozen public school parents gathered Monday morning at a prominent Latino community organization in downtown Los Angeles. They had invited a teachers union representative to their monthly meeting so they could learn more about why LA teachers are planning to strike and what would happen with their children.

Instead, what they heard left them confused and frustrated.

“We wanted to know more about their demands, but all we heard is that they want us to commit in supporting them to go on strike. But how are they committing to our community, to our kids? I wanted to know how they were preparing to support our kids if they go on strike for those two weeks, but we heard none of that,” Juventina Hernández, whose grandchildren attend LA Unified schools, said after the at least hour-long presentation by Ilse Escobar, a United Teachers Los Angeles community representative, at the downtown headquarters of Central American Resource Center, or CARECEN. “We were here to be informed and analyze the situation, but they (the union) couldn’t respond to our concerns.”

Azucena González, a mother of two students at John Marshall High School, said the presentation was focused on “convincing us to give them our support, what they are asking for them, what is in their best interest. That’s all we heard.” Click here to read more: http://laschoolreport.com/immigrant-parents-tell-utla-we-want-high-quality-teaching-in-our-schools-instead-of-a-strike/