A political disaster: How Measure EE, L.A. schools tax hike, failed so badly

Backers of the Los Angeles Unified School District’s proposed parcel tax always knew they had an uphill battle and that defeat was a possibility.

They needed a two-thirds majority for the measure to pass. They thought they could eke out a win.

After the ballots were counted, though, the tax earned only 45% of the vote — a stunning defeat for school leaders and Mayor Eric Garcetti, who campaigned hard for the measure.

Here is a look at what went wrong:

What was the measure?

Measure EE would have imposed a levy of 16 cents per square foot of indoor space on a property, excluding parking areas. It would have raised an estimated $500 million annually over its 12-year term for the district.

LAUSD officials said money from the parcel tax was badly needed to provide more resources and staffing for classrooms. They pointed to much higher spending levels for schools in New York City and other large urban areas. Click here to read more: https://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-property-tax-lausd-explainer-20190605-story.html