Editorial: Noncitizens voting in LAUSD elections? Bad idea

In what’s becoming a mini-trend of sorts, the Los Angeles Unified School District is considering the question of whether to let noncitizens with children in the schools vote in school board elections. A resolution up for debate Nov. 5 would establish a working committee to examine the issues around bringing such a proposal before voters.

The board could save itself time and trouble by doing the right thing and killing the resolution. Though the district should encourage the involvement of parents no matter what their immigration status is, the privilege of voting is one that rightly belongs to citizens.

L.A. Unified is following in the footsteps of San Francisco, which started allowing noncitizen parents of its students to vote in 2018. It didn’t work as planned; fewer than 50 people registered.

But the practicalities aren’t what matter here. We’ve all heard about the checks and balances inherent in a democratic way of government. The ultimate check on government power – exercised by too few people – is the one exerted by the voters who can throw the rascals out if they choose. That oversight rightly belongs to those who are tied to the government in a formal and binding way by citizenship. Click here to read more: https://www.latimes.com/opinion/story/2019-10-16/lausd-noncitizens-voting-school-board