LAUSD Board Picks A New President. Who Is Richard Vladovic?

Los Angeles Unified School Board members voted Tuesday to appoint Richard Vladovic — who’s been the board’s swing vote on several key decisions in the last year — to serve as the board’s president for the next year.

Six of the board’s seven members supported Vladovic’s nomination, including Mónica García, the immediate past board president who’s had her disagreements with Vladovic in the past. Only Nick Melvoin voted “no.”

Vladovic seized the moment Tuesday to win passage of a plan to shake up the board’s committee structure. Among the changes he proposed: create a new committee that would consolidate the district’s often-perfunctory decisions on requests to open or renew charter schools into fewer meetings. This, in turn, would free up time to discuss other matters.

“We were going to have two meetings a month on charters,” said Vladovic. “We should have two meetings a month on instruction.” Click here to read more: