LAUSD board rejects Yelp-like rating system for schools

The Los Angeles school board rejected a proposal to give Yelp-like ratings to its schools, but agreed Tuesday to make data on how students perform year to year on standardized tests more easily available.

The board voted 6-1 against a first-ever proposal to rate schools on a scale of 1 to 5. School board Vice President Jackie Goldberg had fueled the anti-rating momentum after the plan became more widely known in August. It was never supported by the unions representing teachers or administrators.

“Summative approaches hide a lot, that’s why we’ve been disaggregating information,” Goldberg said during the meeting.

In a compromise move, Goldberg, who wrote the resolution to reject the ratings, amended it to make the “growth data” on year-to-year test scores available. The district currently calculates and collects this information, but does not make it accessible online. Click here to read more: