LAUSD Superintendent Beutner relieved as Supreme Court blocks census question on citizenship, says district faced potential loss of $20 million

Education advocates were hopeful but still concerned after the Supreme Court ruled the Trump Administration — for now — cannot add a citizenship question to the 2020 census.

“The Supreme Court’s decision to not include the citizenship question in the 2020 census is the right thing for public education,” L.A. Unified Superintendent Austin Beutner said in a news release.

Both civil rights advocates and government officials said that adding the question, for the first time since 1950, would lead to an undercounting of immigrants and Hispanic residents.

Census counts are used to allocate funding for a number of education programs, including Title I grants for low-income students, Head Start preschool programs, and school lunches, so including the citizenship question would leave some school districts without the federal funding they need and are entitled to, education advocates had warned in briefs filed with the court. Click here to read more: