LAUSD Tried To Make A New Middle School For WeHo. They Made A Mess Instead

It’s a well-known phenomenon: many parents perfectly happy to send their kids to a Los Angeles Unified elementary school are often hesitant to enroll them in an LAUSD middle school.

Take for example West Hollywood, where in 2018, nearly 20 percent of the area’s elementary students left LAUSD for a charter or private middle school — a “leak” in the student pipeline that adds to a chronic enrollment drain and costs the district money.

In hopes of plugging this leak, LAUSD had been pushing to open a new middle school dedicated to West Hollywood kids that might lure some to remain in the district. Officials were hoping to win approval for their plan at the Dec. 3 school board meeting and open the new middle school next fall.

That was the idea, anyway. Instead, LAUSD’s effort has turned into such a debacle that on Monday, district officials announced they would delay the school board vote until sometime “in the new year.”Click here to read more: