LAUSD’s BD5 race still not called, but Repenning moves ahead of Ortíz

L.A. Unified’s Board District 5 will have to wait a little longer for final results from Tuesday’s school board election, with a county update Friday afternoon yielding no conclusive winners.

Updated vote tallies show union-backed Jackie Goldberg with 48.45 percent of the vote, slightly higher than initial results posted late Tuesday that then gave her 48.26 percent. She’s 489 votes shy of the majority vote — more than 50 percent of the ballots — needed to avoid a runoff election on May 14. As a former school board member and vocal charter critic who became a prominent face of the January teacher strike, Goldberg’s name recognition catapulted her past the other nine candidates in this year’s packed special election in the predominantly Latino student board district.

The real race now is for the second runoff slot, and as of Friday, former L.A. City official Heather Repenning moved into second place, with 133 more votes than Huntington Park councilwoman Graciela Ortíz. On Tuesday night, Ortízhad a 53-vote lead over Repenning. Both are far behind Goldberg.

The updated vote total, which now includes the estimated 4,710 provisional and vote-by-mail ballots for Board District 5 received on Election Day, is 31,457 — up from the 25,332 reported late Tuesday night. The next county update is slated for Tuesday. Click here to read more: