New report: Los Angeles needs powerful parents to help city’s schools improve — but LAUSD must first give families clear information about their children’s education

Every day that parents send their children to school represents a tremendous act of faith in their schools and the school system. Parents, however, should not have to act on blind faith. They deserve to know what their children are supposed to be learning and how they are actually doing in school. Unfortunately, in Los Angeles, families do not have consistent access to this important information.

When families can’t get answers about what their children are learning, how they are doing or what the plan is if they have fallen behind, they are denied the opportunity to act as their children’s advocates and to support their schools in implementing coherent instructional programs. In a system where about 60 percent of students do not meet standards in reading and writing, our students and our schools cannot afford for families to be left on the sideline.

At Parent Revolution, we organize public school families so that they have the power to get their children the education they deserve. Whether we are working with an individual family to find the right school for their child or organizing a team of families who want to change things for all students, our work begins with listening to parents. Click here to read more: