Newsom wants more accountability for schools

Former Gov. Jerry Brown held an oddly bifurcated attitude toward how California educates six million elementary, middle and high school students.

On one hand, he embraced the obvious fact that California’s K-12 schools are very uneven in how they educate youngsters, with poor students and those not fluent in English on the losing end of what educators call an “achievement gap.”

During his last six years as governor, Brown not only very substantially increased overall education spending by $22 billion a year (37 percent) but sponsored a Local Control Funding Formula that gives schools with high levels of low achievers extra money to close the gap.

On the other hand, he was stubbornly unwilling to have the state monitor how the school finance bounty was being spent, or determine whether it was, in fact, closing the gap, despite indications in state and federal testing that it was not narrowing. Click here to read more: