School meals: a reflection of growing poverty in LA


LAUSD has the largest distribution of free or reduced-price meals in California — and it’s increasing. About 80% of students are served the breakfasts or lunches. Last year, the district provided 120 million meals, or 720,000 per day.

It’s 7:30 in the morning of any given school day. Jonathan Rodríguez and Yvette Fuentes, both 12, arrive at the Luther Burbank Middle School cafeteria to pick up breakfasts in closed containers and take them in carts to the classrooms of teachers Emily Feinberg and Gisele Hoffer.

The food is placed on a counter in the classroom and in order, the children rise from their chairs and choose their breakfast. They quietly drink milk and eat fruit, an egg burrito, or whatever has been served. Five minutes later, they are ready for class to begin. Now their stomachs feel better. Click here to read more: