Teacher shortage, early education targeted in Gov. Newsom’s California budget revision

Gov. Gavin Newsom is taking advantage of additional revenue to put his stamp on education, boosting funding in his revised state budget for his top priority — early childhood education and child care — while creating $90 million in college loan assistance to fill critical vacancies for science, math and special education teachers in K-12 schools.

Total funding for education, including early childhood programs, would make up 45 percent of the state’s general fund, Newsom said. That is well beyond the approximate 40 percent minimum that state law requires. Total state general spending in 2019-20 would be $147 billion, about $3.8 billion more than in the current year.

Newsom called his education budget “impressive, with significant enhancements.” He presented the additional spending on Thursday as part of the budget revision that traditionally comes out in mid-May and is the document on which the State Legislature must act by June 15. (See pages 17 to 23 of the May revision ebudget summary of the K-12 spending plan.) Click here to read more; https://edsource.org/2019/teacher-shortage-early-education-targeted-in-gov-newsoms-revised-california-budget/612267?utm_source=EdSource&utm_medium=newsletter