This election was a bigger rout than the Measure EE failure; readers vote 9 to 1 against columnist

Measure EE, the parcel tax for L.A. Unified schools, got crushed at the polls last week.

But it wasn’t as big a loser as my column on EE’s failure.

Reaction is running about 90% thumbs-down on my take, in which I said that our schools are shamefully underfunded, but that a clear majority of people aren’t all that worked up about it.

The darts came early, they came often, they keep coming.

“Seriously? Let me tell you something,” wrote Deanne, an LAUSD parent and alum who resented my suggestion that some people don’t care. She said the parcel tax would have cost her about $1 a day, and that’s too much. “I don’t have cable TV, I don’t go to Starbucks for daily coffee, we rarely eat out.”

A Sherman Oaks reader named Nancy picked up on that theme. Click here to read more: