‘We need to be heard’ — Graciela Ortíz endorses Repenning as she vows to advocate for Board District 5’s southeast community

There were seven Latino candidates in the L.A. Unified school board race for the Board District 5 seat, but Huntington Park Councilwoman Graciela Ortíz was the only one who came close to making it into a runoff.

Only 31 votes separated Ortíz from second-place finisher Heather Repenning, but on Wednesday Ortíz announced she would not ask for a recount. On Sunday, she endorsedRepenning.

“This board seat isn’t about what side you’re on. Because all of us need to be on the same side, the side of children. The children in our southeast communities have gone underserved for far too long,” Ortíz said at Sunday’s gathering in Huntington Park.

After thanking Ortíz, Repenning said, “We should put our resources in the communities of greatest needs, and that includes our best people. If elected, I will create a program to incentivize our best teachers, school staff and administrators to sign up to serve students in our most struggling schools.”

In a phone interview Thursday, Ortíz said that whoever wins the seat will need to “fight for equity for all of our schools and to ensure that we have the same resources across the board in all schools within L.A. Unified, for all children.” Click here to read more: http://laschoolreport.com/we-need-to-be-heard-graciela-ortiz-signals-endorsement-for-repenning-as-she-vows-to-advocate-for-board-district-5s-southeast-community/