‘We’ve got a real crisis:’ Half of U.S. teachers have considered leaving profession, PDK poll finds

Half of the nation’s teachers have seriously considered quitting in recent years, amid concerns about low pay, stress and lack of respect, a new poll finds.

“We’ve got a real crisis going on,” said Joshua P. Starr, CEO of PDK International, the teachers’ professional association that conducts the annual poll. “There’s absolutely a real issue, and we have to confront it nationally if we want to ensure our kids are getting the best possible teachers.”

Teachers who feel undervalued by their community, who say their pay is unfair, who make less than $45,000 annually, or who teach high school were more likely to say they’ve considered quitting. The 51st annual poll surveyed 2,389 people online in late April, including 1,083 parents of school-age children and 556 public school teachers.

The result comes after the large-scale “Red For Ed” movement last year that saw teachers in several states strike for higher pay and more education funding. Click here to read more: http://laschoolreport.com/weve-got-a-real-crisis-half-of-u-s-teachers-have-considered-leaving-profession-pdk-poll-finds/