Getting kids back in classrooms should be a top pandemic priority, LAUSD superintendent says

Tomorrow, if you were so inclined, you could take your family and walk into the Glendale Galleria without so much as a temperature check, and then spend hours browsing alongside hundreds of shoppers from all parts of Los Angeles.

What you cannot do is drop your children off at their neighborhood schools for a day of instruction in classrooms where access would be carefully controlled, students and desks carefully spaced apart, all rooms deep-cleaned daily and every student, teacher and staff member tested regularly for coronavirus.

Eight months into a pandemic that’s likely to stretch well into next year, the level of COVID-19 is rising, and our priorities are misplaced. Malls simply shouldn’t be a higher priority for reopening than public schools that provide millions of children with the foundations in reading, math and critical thinking they need to succeed in school and in life. Click here to read more: