LA School Police Targeted By Black Lives Matter: Defund Cops As ‘Black Students In Harm’s Way’

Dozens of protesters rallied and marched in the downtown area Tuesday in support of cutting funding from the Los Angeles School Police Department.

The protest, organized in part by Black Lives Matter-Los Angeles, began at the Miguel Contreras Learning Complex, and the group then marched to Los Angeles Unified School District headquarters.

“We are here to de-fund the very system that continuously places Black students in harm’s way,” student Sara Jackson told the crowd. “So that children will no longer have to face weapons in their schools, so that we can never be profiled or arrested in front of our classmantes — dehumanized, desensitized.”

The board of directors of United Teachers Los Angeles, the union representing LAUSD teachers, recently voted to begin the process of formally supporting the defunding of the School Police Department, calling for money to go instead toward other education services, including counselors. Click here to read more: