LAUSD communities affected by Tuesday jet fuel drop return to school, but questions and anger remain

L.A. Unified schools on Wednesday opened as normal with communities still processing an emergency jet fuel dump the day prior that inflicted minor injuries on dozens of adults and children across six schools — five of them elementary schools.

“We came out and we were playing, and the airplane was outside and we thought it was rain,” recounted Park Avenue Elementary sixth-grader Josue Burgos to the LA Times. “But then we knew it was throwing gas on us, and everybody started to run.”

A Shanghai-bound Delta Air Lines flight out of LAX had to make an emergency return to the Los Angeles airport around noon Tuesday, citing engine problems, and during its descent discharged fuel over a 5-mile swath above and around southeast Los Angeles. First responders treated about 60 people, at least 20 of them children, for skin or upper respiratory irritation. No one was transported to the hospital. Click here to read more: