One year after teachers’ strike, LA school district chief says strike did not solve ’decades of frustration’

One year after the teachers’ strike that convulsed California’s largest school district, Los Angeles Unified Superintendent Austin Beutner says that the district still faces fundamental financial problems, and continues to spend more money than it is receiving from the state.

Appointed in May 2018, Beutner is approaching the anniversary of his second year in office. A former investment banker, Beutner was a controversial choice, as he did not have a background in education, although he had served on a task force to help the district achieve the goals of its strategic plan. Unlike superintendents who are brought in from outside their communities, he had also been a deputy mayor in Los Angeles as well as publisher of the Los Angeles Times, so in that sense he was deeply familiar with the city and its challenges.

In an interview in his office on the 24th floor of the district’s headquarters in downtown Los Angeles, he characterized the state of labor relations since the strike as “constructive,” and noted that at the time of the labor conflict both he and the union leaders acknowledged that “one contract is not going to solve decades of frustrations felt by educators.” Click here to read more: