Op-Ed: What it will take to reopen LAUSD schools

Schools have been closed for about two months, and it’s time to start asking about what comes next. But returning to school will require far more than simply spreading out desks and making new rules for recess.

COVID-19 has highlighted fundamental gaps in the public education system caused by woefully underfunded budgets.

Ninety percent of public-school funding in California comes from the state — and schools have long been underfunded, especially when matched against the outsize expectations placed on them. Private schools in Southern California invest about $50,000 a year in each student; New York public schools, $30,000. In Los Angeles, we are asked to make do with $17,000 per student.

And now, with the state budget in crisis, I worry that schools will get hung out to dry. This past week, the State Department of Finance estimated cuts as deep as 20% to funding for public education. Click here to read more: https://www.latimes.com/opinion/story/2020-05-12/lausd-superintendent-beutner-reopening-schools-coronavirus