School police should stop pepper spraying students, L.A. Unified superintendent says

Los Angeles school police should be banned from using pepper spray and carotid holds, L.A. Unified Supt. Austin Beutner said Monday in the wake of calls to disband the district’s 470-member campus police force.

“I will be recommending to the board to eliminate the use of pepper spray and the policy allowing carotid holds before students return to schools in August,” he said. The carotid holds, also known as a sleeper hold or a blood choke, have been banned by law enforcement agencies across the country since George Floyd’s killing by police in Minneapolis.

The $70 million in annual school police funding will be examined during budget discussions, and a task force that includes community members and L.A. Unified staff will query families and school employees to come up with “concrete recommendations” about what changes may be needed in the department, Beutner said. Click here to read: