Spring hiring: LAUSD says recruitment of new teachers is proceeding as normal, but across the country school districts are rethinking staffing plans amid a grim economy

Faced with a grim economy and uncertainty about what school might look like in the fall, several district officials say they are pausing or dramatically scaling back their hiring of new teachers for the upcoming school year.

“We will definitely slow down hiring and limit it to essential positions,” says Kim Holland, the director of recruitment and retention for Spokane Public Schools in Washington. The 31,000-student district typically hires between 125 and 175 teachers, she said. The school board has declared a financial emergency and is considering layoffs.

About 100,000 teachers are hired in the U.S. every year, says Dan Goldhaber, a director of the Center for Education Data and Research at the University of Washington. “That varies a lot depending on economic conditions,” he adds. Click here to read more: http://laschoolreport.com/spring-hiring-facing-an-uncertain-fall-and-a-grim-economic-forecast-many-districts-are-rethinking-how-and-whether-to-bring-on-new-teachers/