Big federal COVID-relief payout expected for LAUSD, but is it enough?

The Los Angeles school district stands to receive more than $1 billion from the new federal coronavirus relief bill — or about $2,150 per student — more than enough to wipe away a projected deficit for pandemic-related costs through the end of the school year, according to preliminary state estimates.

Combined with other funding, the total coronavirus support will add up to one of the largest-ever aid programs to local education. The new federal funding would be in addition to a $2-billion statewide plan that Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Wednesday to help school districts reopen their campuses. It’s also in addition to $894 million in outside coronavirus aid L.A. Unified had already budgeted.

Officials in the nation’s second largest school district are not prepared to say that this enormous infusion of one-time funding will be enough for the mammoth task ahead. District leaders must not only safely reopen schools, but address the learning loss and mental health needs of thousands of students brought on by ongoing social isolationeconomic hardships and the disease itself as it courses through families. Click here to read more: