Editorial: LAUSD is shrinking. That could be a good thing

After schools closed for the pandemic, and after years of declining birth rates, everyone expected enrollment to drop even further this year in the Los Angeles Unified School District. But no one expected it to be this big a fall — 6%, three times the loss that the district had projected.

About 15 years ago, struggling to fit more than 700,000 students into classrooms, L.A. Unified squeezed them into year-round schools while some teachers lugged their instructional materials from one classroom to the next because they couldn’t get a regular assigned classroom. The district undertook a building program to create new schools, the largest public construction project in the nation.

This year, enrollment dropped toward 400,000 and there’s talk of possibly closing some schools. Many of the reasons are known: birth rates, moves out of the area because of expensive housing, and a pandemic-prompted decline in illegal immigration. The people who move into the district tend to have the money to do so, which often means they’re older or can afford private schools. Click here to read more: https://www.latimes.com/opinion/story/2021-09-30/lausd-enrollment-drops