L.A. pods: In parks, backyards and old storefronts, small groups offer children some of what they’ve lost in months of online instruction

Pam Marton and Sharon Fabian — longtime educators in the Los Angeles schools and friends since kindergarten — were set to celebrate their retirement this year with a trip to Croatia when the pandemic cancelled their plans.

It wasn’t long, however, before they “started getting emails and calls from … families, parents who were really freaking out,” Fabian said. “Pam turned to me and said, ‘We know a lot of fabulous instructors. We have reputations. Why don’t we start a company?’”

Now they bring together experienced teachers, teaching assistants and children needing support with remote learning — small groups otherwise known as learning pods.

Initially viewed as a short-term solution to COVID-19 school closures, pods have become a necessary support system for many families as districts push reopenings back to 2021 or return to distance learning after several weeks in the classroom. Whether informally organized by parents, arranged by for-profit tutoring and child care companies, or matched through social media, supporters say pods are likely to outlast the pandemic. Click here to read more: http://laschoolreport.com/l-a-pods-in-parks-backyards-and-old-storefronts-small-groups-offer-children-some-of-what-theyve-lost-in-months-of-online-instruction/