L.A. Unified gets 100 doses but needs thousands to reopen schools

One hundred employees of the Los Angeles Unified School District received a coronavirus vaccine Wednesday as officials demanded more so that schools could reopen — and as the City of Long Beach expects all employees at public elementary campuses to be vaccinated by Friday.

The small number L.A. vaccines represented a milestone — the district’s first school-based vaccine clinic — the new purpose for an otherwise-unused student gymnasium at Roybal Learning Center, just west of downtown. The students who would normally be using that gym were attending school online as they have since campuses shut down nearly a year ago.

In a folding chair behind a clear plastic face shield sat Raymundo Armagnac, educational resource aide at Denker Avenue Elementary in Gardena, who turned 65 three weeks ago. Vaccines were available only to school district employees 65 and older — there are about 3,500 in this age group — and to district employees working at a vaccine or coronavirus testing site. The district operates about 40 testing sites. Click here to read more: https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2021-02-17/los-angeles-long-beach-schools-teacher-vaccine-reopenings