LAUSD school board adopts resolution denouncing antisemitism

In the face of rising hate crimes both locally and nationally, the Los Angeles Unified school board on Tuesday, July 13, unanimously passed a resolution affirming the value of Jewish students, staff and families while denouncing antisemitism and anti-Israeli rhetoric.

The resolution, which also calls on the district to update its curriculum and instructional materials related to Jewish history or culture and to provide more training to staff to respond to antisemitic speech and incidents, follows 11 days of deadly fighting in the Middle East between Israel and Hamas, the Islamic militant group that controls the Gaza Strip, in May.

At the time, the longstanding conflict spilled over onto Los Angeles streets, as both pro-Israeli and pro-Palestinian advocates held demonstrations. There were also at least two highly reported cases of Jewish men being harassed or attacked in L.A. during that period — incidents which many Jews believe constituted hate crimes. Click here to read more: