LAUSD students will have full-time in-person option in fall, Beutner says

This fall, middle and high school students in Los Angeles Unified will be able to attend school in person full-time five days a week and move between classrooms, Superintendent Austin Beutner said Monday, May 24, addressing a key issue with the current hybrid model that limits secondary students to learning online from a classroom.

Allowing students to move between classrooms and actually receive instruction in person from their teachers could go far in drawing more students back to campus. The district has struggled to convince more students, particularly at the middle and high schools, to return since campuses reopened last month. Only about 7% of high school students have returned to campuses, according to a district staff report earlier this month.

In order to maintain stable cohorts, students currently are required to remain in the same room all day, meaning that students who opted to return to campus are still participating in online classes as they were doing before from home — only now, they do it in a classroom. Click here to read more: