LAUSD sued over COVID-19 employee vaccination mandate

Complaint filed by Health Freedom Defense Fund and six district employees claims that mandate violates an individual’s right to reject medical treatment

Already faced with at least two lawsuits over its coronavirus-related student vaccination mandate, the Los Angeles Unified School District is now being sued over a similar requirement for employees to get their COVID-19 shots.

Health Freedom Defense Fund, a Wyoming-based organization that advocates against mandatory masking, testing and vaccinations, and six LAUSD employees filed a lawsuit against the district last week, challenging L.A. Unified’s staff vaccination mandate.

California Educators for Medical Freedom, founded by LAUSD employees opposed to a vaccine mandate, was inadvertently left off as a plaintiff, but the complaint will be amended to include the group, Leslie Manookian, founder and president of Health Freedom Defense Fund, said on Monday, Nov. 8. Click here to read more: