What kind of leader should follow Austin Beutner at LA Unified?

As the Los Angeles Unified School District searches for a superintendent for the fourth time in the past decade, many are wondering who is qualified to run a 710-square-mile district with a student population approximately the size of Wyoming – and who would want to.

Austin Beutner stepped down in June after three years leading the district. Board members are aiming to hire a replacement as soon as January, an ambitious timeline that comes as most of the nation’s largest districts — including New York, Chicago and San Diego — are also searching for chiefs.

Los Angeles superintendents have rarely stuck around more than two or three years since 1990, leading to constant leadership changes and questions about how to run an unwieldy district.

“I think it takes a rare person who’s going to want to step into this job with all the challenges they face,” said Julie Marsh, a professor of education policy at the University of Southern California. Click here to read more: https://edsource.org/2021/what-kind-of-leader-should-follow-austin-beutner-at-la-unified/660581