3 months in, LA’s Carvalho earns high marks, but tough tests lie ahead

When Los Angeles Unified announced last December that Alberto Carvalho would be its next superintendent, Ana Ponce was skeptical.

The executive director of Great Public Schools Now, an advocacy organization, hoped the district would pick someone from the community, not an outsider from 2,700 miles away. But so far, the charismatic educator who led Miami-Dade for 14 years has won her over. She called his efforts to talk publicly about next year’s budget “refreshing” and applauded his move to add four optional days to the school calendar to tackle student learning loss.

“He has shown bold and decisive leadership quite early,” she said. Click here to read more: https://laschoolreport.com/3-months-in-las-carvalho-earns-high-marks-but-tough-tests-lie-ahead/?