Can LAUSD’s board and Superintendent Carvalho do a dramatically better job educating students?

A bold new strategy puts pressure on the adults to improve reading, math — and college entry

It’s been three years and one global pandemic later since the Los Angeles Unified School District had a formal plan to help guide its decisions, but now school board members and Superintendent Alberto Carvalho are banking on a strategic plan to help them boost academic performance, ensure students are happy and healthy, and invest in staff to attract and retain top talent.

If things go as envisioned, then four years from now, a significantly larger number of students could potentially graduate high school eligible to apply to one of California’s four-year public universities, and the district will have significantly moved the needle on students reaching grade-level standards in English language arts and mathematics.

The school board this week adopted a sweeping, four-year strategic plan that will also tackle how the district engages with families and government, civic and business leaders, to turn the nation’s second-largest K-12 system into the “premier public school district,” a phrase that Carvalho likes to use when describing his vision for L.A. Unified. Click here to read more: