Editorial: LAUSD’s efforts to address learning loss should inspire hope, not chaos and frustration

The Los Angeles Unified School District has had months to fine-tune its “Acceleration Days” initiative to help students make up some of the academic progress lost during the pandemic school shutdowns. Yet no one knows how many students and teachers are going to show up when the program starts in five weeks. Not parents, not teachers and not school staff. And, except for top LAUSD administrators, few seem to know what’s supposed to happen during those two days.

Such a disorganized beginning to a $122-million program is dismaying. An initiative that requires collaboration with parents and teachers shouldn’t be shrouded in mystery so close to its Dec. 19 start.

The program adds extra days of schooling, two during winter break and two during spring break. LAUSD is surveying parents and teachers to determine who will participate, but the results haven’t been tabulated. District administrators say they’re confident they have enough time to roll out the program as promised. Click here to read more: https://www.latimes.com/opinion/story/2022-11-14/la-ed-lausd-acceleration-days