Four days added to the next L.A. school year despite complaints it’s a waste of money

In a significant move to bolster academic recovery efforts, the Los Angeles Board of Education on Tuesday evening added four more days to the next school year, a decision that leaders said addresses the needs of students struggling to learn over the complaints of some parents and teachers about late changes to family and work calendars.

In a unanimous vote, the board approved a $122-million plan for four extra days and three professional development days for teachers on top of the state-required 180 instruction days. The four days will be scheduled at critical points in the school year — at the 10-week semester mark and before final grades are due. Regular classes will be canceled and schools will be able to customize how best to use the day to help students.

At an elementary school, for instance, the day could bring specialized small-group instruction and individualized support for students, parent-teacher meetings or intensive support for literacy and math skills — even family seminars to support learning with at-home activities. At middle and high schools, counselors and teachers could meet with students to go over work that needs to be made up; students could work on missing assignments to shore up grades, get tutoring or participate in mini-lessons. Click here to read more: